Riding The California Coast

Driving on an open road is a pleasure we rarely get to enjoy any more. Traffic in most major cities is no longer limited to weekday mornings and evenings. So when we have an opportunity to hop on our bikes and head up or down the coast, or to the desert we rarely decline said invitations. Granted riding is a freedom not everybody enjoys, we all can relate to sitting in one spot for a number of hours. Whether at¬†work, school, or on long plane flights; sitting is only comfortable for a couple hours at most. We get it, that’s why we began work to¬†design a boxer brief that forms¬†comfortably on the thighs and pouch. Working with Supima Cotton, the softest, strongest cotton that hold color well. Our designers created many fun styles including this dark gray boxer brief with orange trim and detailed orange waistband.







January 2017 Newsletter

5 New Croota Men’s Seamless Designs Are Here.¬†If you tried them, you know how comfortable these stretchy seamless boxer briefs can be. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?¬†Either way, use the discount code for major savings.

Add a splash of colour to your underwear drawer with any of these designs. Fun hues of Red, Blue, Green are sure to be the pick me up when you are ready to start your day.

Visit www.croota.com and enjoy the savings of a 20% discount when you use coupon code WTR20 at check out. Include that with sales items already marked down and save even more. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED


Croota’s Seamless Lines¬†will be one of the most comfortable underwear you will slip into this season.¬†Men’s¬†Seamless Boxer Briefs and Women’s Boy Shorts provide a relaxed fit that you can use all day and feel great too! Special savings this month for many women’s designs.


Croota Men’s P. Line Boxer Briefs are¬†made of Supima Cotton, which is stronger, softer and holds color better than ordinary cotton. Supima Cotton is 100% grown in the USA. Check out our current designs here.


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Fresh New Start




Some of us really wish 2016 wasn’t in our history books. Either way we can all hope for a fresh new start in 2017. Using this photo from a recent shoot showcasing our women’s boy shorts. I got to thinking how we open and close the fridge nearly everyday¬†looking for something to change. ¬†What miracles do we expect from 2017? I know I’m guilty of not doing the things that would make me healthier. So I vow to start with simple change to my diet, less bread; and hope it will make a greater impact.

I know if I can focus on this small but difficult challenge for myself, I will also indirectly cut down on my fats because by eating less late night slice of toast. If I eat less toast, I’ll need less butter and/or jelly. If I’m not having my late night toast, I might as well drink water instead of milk.

Let’s see how this goes. Cheers to a fresh start.


Croota Seamless Underwear Features CoolFit

Croota Seamless Men’s & Women’s Underwear Features CoolFit¬†

Croota CoolFit is an ultra-light, ultra-thin, high performance polyester spandex fabric that provides comfort and coolness throughout the day by allowing heat and sweat from the body to pass through and moisture to evaporate quickly. Keeping you dry, comfortable and always with a fresh pair!


Croota CoolFit features a seamless design and near invisible inner lining of elastane that has been strategically placed for comfort and extra stretch in that area that we need it most. These features allow air to flow and cool ‚Äúthe area‚ÄĚ. No bunching of material or man parts, meaning no embarrassing readjusting in public.

The lightweight material features a blending of 11% elastane which provides EXTRA stretch and comfort throughout the boxer brief by form fitting to the body. Being ultra-light weight, it also allows for a super quick drying and easy to store feature.

Very light and breathable – 54% Polyester 35% Nylon 11% Elastane


How Do You Croota? Monthly $50 Gift Certificates Awarded

Just like you, we wake up, fix a cup of coffee, clean up and start the day. Somewhere during the day¬†we check how our friends are doing through any of the various social media apps. Like some of you, we¬†show our friends we agree with their posts by liking or commenting. We also appreciate when a¬†friend agrees with our post by either liking, commenting, and/or sharing. Which is what brings us to this posting. Croota knows many of you are creative types and we want to be able share how it is you “Croota”. So we are starting a monthly contest to show our appreciation.

As both a men’s and women’s underwear company, we know it can be a bit intimidating for some of you to bare it all for the world to see. While some of you may be totally ok with posing provocatively in as much as a wristwatch. We definitely do not want to repost nudes, yet from the samples below you can see how you can have fun with it.

Each month we will select a couple winners from the posts tagged #howicroota in either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. By you tagging #howicroota you are entering the contest and allowing us to repost and share. At the end of each month we will select the winners and they will be notified via any of the social media campaigns. The prize amount will vary from $50 to $100 Gift Certificate depending how creative the influencer content is.

Below is a video from a friend of our previous photographer. You’ll notice when he wipes his brow he’s wearing Croota.

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What Do You Look For When Styling For Yourself?

The end of summer is a special time for many. It is a symbol of renewal as vacation ends¬†for students headed back to school, parents routines are back to normal for the most part, everybody is back in the office. But some of us get in the pattern of shopping the “back to school” sales looking to change up our wardrobe. Fashion magazines present the colors of the coming fall season as well as the latest trends. While some things change, some things do remain the same. Take a look at a photo of James Dean in the film “East of Eden” from 1952. Soft pastel sweater and denim jeans. Anybody can wear this today and wouldn’t look out of place.

Hashtag searches of #mensfashion or #menstyle will feature many styles that you may or may not consider wearing. What do you look for when creating your outfits? We all want to look and feel good, but some prefer loud styles and colors, others a more casual attire with a few accessories to show your style. Maybe a color popping sock or tie, or you go gold cap with gold shoes. Identity is not the same for all, I’m ok not sticking out in the crowd. I then wonder when at a bar or walking around town, how I would appear if I decided to one day make a 180 degree turn and go loud. What would my family and friends think of me? I think they’d laugh at me.

When it comes to my underwear, I can have some fun with it. If I want to wear a black or bright orange boxer brief it’s all in good fun. What do you think, should we put more outfits together?




Seamless Men’s Underwear, What Are They?

Always looking to create new men’s underwear designs, Croota was fortunate enough to work with a manufacturer that introduced us to this fun material. The Seamless manufacturing process allowed our design team the freedom to create patterns with more colors and designs in which they¬†did not have the opportunity of before. Made of 54% Polyester, 35% Nylon, and 11% Elastane, the material has a nice elasticity which is a bit more forgiving in the pouch area. Although some patterns have sold out, over 20 patterns have been designed as of this writing. The boxer brief is a form fitting design on the backside and thight with a pouch area that gives extra stretch. During photo shoots, several men and women¬†asked if they were underwear or swimwear. While you¬†can use them in the water, unlike traditional swimwear, the do not have a tie on band that would hold them snug¬†when swimming. They are perfect for the Jacuzzi or sun bathing. While not all the designs are featured, hopefully you’ll find something to your liking.