Fresh New Start




Some of us really wish 2016 wasn’t in our history books. Either way we can all hope for a fresh new start in 2017. Using this photo from a recent shoot showcasing our women’s boy shorts. I got to thinking how we open and close the fridge nearly everyday looking for something to change.  What miracles do we expect from 2017? I know I’m guilty of not doing the things that would make me healthier. So I vow to start with simple change to my diet, less bread; and hope it will make a greater impact.

I know if I can focus on this small but difficult challenge for myself, I will also indirectly cut down on my fats because by eating less late night slice of toast. If I eat less toast, I’ll need less butter and/or jelly. If I’m not having my late night toast, I might as well drink water instead of milk.

Let’s see how this goes. Cheers to a fresh start.