What Do You Look For When Styling For Yourself?

The end of summer is a special time for many. It is a symbol of renewal as vacation ends for students headed back to school, parents routines are back to normal for the most part, everybody is back in the office. But some of us get in the pattern of shopping the “back to school” sales looking to change up our wardrobe. Fashion magazines present the colors of the coming fall season as well as the latest trends. While some things change, some things do remain the same. Take a look at a photo of James Dean in the film “East of Eden” from 1952. Soft pastel sweater and denim jeans. Anybody can wear this today and wouldn’t look out of place.

Hashtag searches of #mensfashion or #menstyle will feature many styles that you may or may not consider wearing. What do you look for when creating your outfits? We all want to look and feel good, but some prefer loud styles and colors, others a more casual attire with a few accessories to show your style. Maybe a color popping sock or tie, or you go gold cap with gold shoes. Identity is not the same for all, I’m ok not sticking out in the crowd. I then wonder when at a bar or walking around town, how I would appear if I decided to one day make a 180 degree turn and go loud. What would my family and friends think of me? I think they’d laugh at me.

When it comes to my underwear, I can have some fun with it. If I want to wear a black or bright orange boxer brief it’s all in good fun. What do you think, should we put more outfits together?