How Do You Croota? Monthly $50 Gift Certificates Awarded

Just like you, we wake up, fix a cup of coffee, clean up and start the day. Somewhere during the day we check how our friends are doing through any of the various social media apps. Like some of you, we show our friends we agree with their posts by liking or commenting. We also appreciate when a friend agrees with our post by either liking, commenting, and/or sharing. Which is what brings us to this posting. Croota knows many of you are creative types and we want to be able share how it is you “Croota”. So we are starting a monthly contest to show our appreciation.

As both a men’s and women’s underwear company, we know it can be a bit intimidating for some of you to bare it all for the world to see. While some of you may be totally ok with posing provocatively in as much as a wristwatch. We definitely do not want to repost nudes, yet from the samples below you can see how you can have fun with it.

Each month we will select a couple winners from the posts tagged #howicroota in either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. By you tagging #howicroota you are entering the contest and allowing us to repost and share. At the end of each month we will select the winners and they will be notified via any of the social media campaigns. The prize amount will vary from $50 to $100 Gift Certificate depending how creative the influencer content is.

Below is a video from a friend of our previous photographer. You’ll notice when he wipes his brow he’s wearing Croota.

While you’re at it be sure to follow us online, we very much appreciate the love and support.