Mojo: Sometimes You Just Know


A few weeks ago I walked into a new pub in Downtown Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Los Angeles on the Eastside and have seen a lot of changes. One thing that doesn’t change is how people react to a new face in the crowd. But I know I’m not the new face here, and that’s how I walk in. With a bit of what the kids today call “swag”, but we called it mojo growing up.

I didn’t have any plans to for the evening and didn’t plan on meeting up with a friend or anything, I just wanted to grab a bite to eat and wash it down with some local brews. At the bar I ordered my craft burger, fries and beer. As I enjoyed my dinner I scanned the room for possible conversational desert. I know I’m not a good looking guy, but it is how you carry yourself. This day I felt especially good about myself after a very productive day at the office. No weakness today, I didn’t care about rejection. Smile on I thought.

Paid my dinner, ordered another beer and turned to see where the night would take me. Being that mostly everybody was trying sample trays of beer, I figured I’d ask around what styles people were drinking. It’s a good way to not look so lonely, yet break the ice with anybody in the room. A couple of touring musicians from Minnesota were into the Lavender Saison. They were playing later that night at a spot not too far from the pub so that was an option. ¬†Shared a round, talked music and wished them well as they left for their gig letting them know I would try to make it out.

As I closed out my tab to head home, I received a text message from a friend that happened to be at a neighboring bar and invited me over to join her and her friends. It was only a couple blocks away so I decided to¬†pop in.¬†Las Perlas is a Tequila/Mezcal Bar with a few booths, long bar and a pool table. She was by the small stage with her musician friends. She introduced me to a couple new faces and some I’d met before. Celebrating a birthday called for a round of tequila shots.

The tequila got the best of me as I sang with the band to songs I really don’t know well, maybe the chorus, but not all the lyrics. It was wise of me to ask for a large glass of water and sit out the next couple songs. From the bar, I enjoyed watching the group sing and dance. It only took a quick second to catch a friendly smile from the far end of the bar. Was that for me, I thought?

So this is where I decide to let my mojo go to work. She asked if I was a musician. “Why would you think that?” I replied. She assumed I was part of the band, I told her I was here celebrating with a friend. “Oh,” she sighed, “I’ll let you get back to your friends”. I called the bartender over, ordered a round of shots and invited her over to join them. ¬†Introduced her to the group where we all danced and sang until last call.

Now what happened next isn’t important. As I was scanning images of recent product photo shoots to send to clients, I came across these. I don’t look like this at all, but his swagger is in his eyes and posture.¬†¬†It just takes a bit of confidence to pull it off. That’s how my mojo felt that night and it continued to the next morning.