Riding The California Coast

Driving on an open road is a pleasure we rarely get to enjoy any more. Traffic in most major cities is no longer limited to weekday mornings and evenings. So when we have an opportunity to hop on our bikes and head up or down the coast, or to the desert we rarely decline said invitations. Granted riding is a freedom not everybody enjoys, we all can relate to sitting in one spot for a number of hours. Whether at¬†work, school, or on long plane flights; sitting is only comfortable for a couple hours at most. We get it, that’s why we began work to¬†design a boxer brief that forms¬†comfortably on the thighs and pouch. Working with Supima Cotton, the softest, strongest cotton that hold color well. Our designers created many fun styles including this dark gray boxer brief with orange trim and detailed orange waistband.







Seamless Men’s Underwear, What Are They?

Always looking to create new men’s underwear designs, Croota was fortunate enough to work with a manufacturer that introduced us to this fun material. The Seamless manufacturing process allowed our design team the freedom to create patterns with more colors and designs in which they¬†did not have the opportunity of before. Made of 54% Polyester, 35% Nylon, and 11% Elastane, the material has a nice elasticity which is a bit more forgiving in the pouch area. Although some patterns have sold out, over 20 patterns have been designed as of this writing. The boxer brief is a form fitting design on the backside and thight with a pouch area that gives extra stretch. During photo shoots, several men and women¬†asked if they were underwear or swimwear. While you¬†can use them in the water, unlike traditional swimwear, the do not have a tie on band that would hold them snug¬†when swimming. They are perfect for the Jacuzzi or sun bathing. While not all the designs are featured, hopefully you’ll find something to your liking.





Hey Pittsburgh!!!

Come and Get ‘Em!

It just got a lot easier for you to pick up some of your favorite styles of Croota at one our newest retailers.

TRIM PITTSBURGH is now carrying many of our styles. We encourage you to support them as well as any of OUR GLOBAL RETAILERS.


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