Afternoon Delight

A couple days ago we were out on a shoot and noticed a couple enjoying the park. We didn’t realize it at the time but they were on their lunch break. They came up to us asked what we were shooting for and we explained Croota underwear. That’s when the young lady said, I think my husband wouldn’t mind modeling for you guys. He laughed and told her only if you wear the women’s underwear. Were they joking, or did we come across an opportunity we had been looking for? Well, the husband picked up his shoulder bag got on his bike and told his wife he’d be out in time for dinner. She looked at her watch and picked up her tennis racket and walked over to the courts.

Which brings us to our topic of “Afternoon Delight”. When was the last time you planned to take off of work early to meet up with your better half for an afternoon fling? For those of us that are married, it’s normally after the kids are asleep, and then we have to cajole our partner after they find interest in a book, tv show, or have fallen asleep. Romantic isn’t it?

So do yourselves a favor, plan a midweek special; even if you don’t have kids. No lunch, the kids will be home soon so make the most of your time. No need to watch a movie on Netflix, cut right to the chase. Go primal. When you’re done, don’t shower, keep the scent of your partner on you. As you sit at the dinner don’t forget to smile across the table, watch the glow. Now you can’t keep your eyes off each other. See how it’s a break from the routine? Good stuff here.

The next day you’ll be wishing you got off early everyday. Until next time, cheers.

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