Festival Weekend: I don’t believe you forgot to pack these:

As usual you’re running out the door after you promised yourself you were going to be better prepared this time. So what are you going to cramp into your day pack for the quick weekend get-away?

1) Toothbrush

2) Bandana or small bath towel

3) Larger towel

4) A sweater, thermal or long sleeve flannel should do fine for most summer eves

5) Sunglasses. How are you going to fake the fact that you’re really sleeping standing up and not watching the opening bands before 2PM.

6) T-Shirt or tank top

7) Sunscreen

8) Baseball cap, visor or straw cowboy hat (a bit sexier than most caps)

9) hmmm, protection. Not a baseball bat or mace

10) If you’re packing protection you might as well be sure you’re wearing nice looking underwear.



A  few other things, you don’t want to forget: Your ID, wallet, sandals, etc.

Have a great time! Whatever you forget, it’s gonna’ be the last time anyway because you promised you’d be better prepared the next time around!