Cosmo Korea Shows Some Love For Croota Men’s Underwear

Croota has been around the world and back bringing style to men’s underwear around the globe since 2007. This past summer Cosmopolitan Korea did a feature spread with Korean actor Seok Jin Ha. He was introduced to Croota by his good friend and celebrity stylist Woo Ri Kim. We’d like to thank Cosmopolitan, Woo Ri Kim, and Seok Jin Ha for sharing our Australian brand.

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[코스모폴리탄] 하석진1
Actor : Seok Jin Ha

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[코스모폴리탄] 하석진2[코스모폴리탄] 하석진3

Stylist : Woo Ri Kim
Stylist : Woo Ri Kim


Stylist : Woo Ri Kim
Stylist : Woo Ri Kim


How Did You Hear About Croota?

From our early days in Australia, it was basically word of mouth and customers running across us by accident. Thanks to bloggers, social postings, and AD words, we would love to hear how you heard about Croota. How has your experience been? Did you make a purchase or are did you not find what you were looking for? We really hope to hear from you.

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Oasis 02 – Seamless