5 Layers Protective KN95 Masks (10 Masks / Lot)

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5 Layers Protective KN95 Masks (10 Masks / Lot)

  • KN95 Mask, certified by FDA and CE

  • 5 layers of soft and fluid-resistant material

  • Filtration efficiency (dust-removing rate) more than 95% for non-oily particulate matter above 0.075 microns. (International FFP2 mask standard)

  • Ship from California, The United States (Ship within 1 business day/ Free shipping)

  • Ship to the countries other than the U.S may take longer due to the Coronavirus crisis. (Ship within 1 business day / +$5 postage per lot)

  • Some countries now prohibit the arrival of flights or passing through the airports. We will issue you a full refund if we found that your country doesn’t accept the airmail.

    Note. We broke the paper box as they are originally 25 packs per box for the pharmacy retailers. You will still receive 10 masks that individually packed.

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