Underwear Make Great Stocking Stuffers

It’s another holiday season and I want all the things that come with it… parties, friends, family, food and drink.  One Christmas long ago when I was a teenager, I remember my brother and older cousins laughing hysterically as I looked at them with wonder. After all, my sister and younger cousins ended up with bikes, sporting goods, games, and new pajamas. What could top that?

That summer, at my oldest sister’s wedding, one cousin wore white pants with bright red underwear showing through. It was then I learned of my aunts family tradition to buy the older boy cousins underwear. I’m sure this is not how she imagined her gift to be enjoyed.

It’s many years later, and the underwear tradition is in full swing. She has been ordering underwear from Croota since she knew what I did. Tradition is fun, especially those you start and/or continue.