Creating Memories


When you were younger you probably felt you could do whatever you wanted with reckless abandon. Enter college and you prove your case even more. I mean, weren’t your college years just golden. Binging every activity, eating and drinking to excess; only to wake up with a strange person next to you and was never spoken of again. After, comes early adulthood. Fresh out of school where you may have found a job right away or you didn’t; you managed to figure out ways to continue the party lifestyle.

For some of you, this could have been long ago, fleeting memories of a storied past. Or maybe it wasn’t. One thing that strikes a chord with nearly everybody, a late night road trip of adventure on a whim. Why not? Bring along a girlfriend, boyfriend, relative, or friends; memories will surely be made.

Fortunately for us here at Croota, we understand the power of a good recharge. An escape from the mundane day to day. Whether it is a fishing trip in Nelson Bay, or a road trip to Vegas. Keep a backpack nearby for the invitation to step out for the weekend. Oh, and don’t forget to include a pair of Croota for the journey.