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BoyShorts Review featuring Croota of AustraliaCustomer review on Croota’s Women’s Seamless BoyShorts

Posted by Croota on Friday, November 13, 2015

Tartan Forever Boxer Brief (Brown/Blue) by Croota of Australia
Tartan Forever Boxer Brief (Brown/Blue) by Croota of Australia

Do you have a favorite type of underwear? Maybe you have a few favorite types, depending on the activity. Most men are introduced to the luxury underwear market when they pick up a gift set of underwear from a family member or friend. And most of the time it’s a pair of boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are like a good pair of cross training running shoes, great all around. You can wear them to work, the gym or other nocturnal activities.

Our Tartan Forever Boxer Brief is a very popular seller for us. The Scottish Tartan pattern is a definite winner in design wouldn’t you agree?