Endless Boxer 01



You never know where inspiration may come from. Joining a friend at a Spelling Bee contest, our designer soon had dreams of puffy floating letters. Endless comfort in our scrambled mix of C-R-O-O-T-A.in both Powder White and Ensign Blue not to mention our logo branded waistband. So dream away my friend, dream away.<P>
These are great for all day wear or simply lounging on the couch. Available in two great looking colors, Gray and Blue Indigo.
Color: White (95% Cotton/5% Spandex)

* The model in size (L): 184cm / 80kg / Waist : 84cm (33inch)

Croota Fact: Croota Endless 01 Boxer is our top seller to female customers. We don’t know if they use them, or if they gift them; but they like ’em.




Men’s Underwear Size Chart

• Below sizes are determined by actual measured waist size, not pouch or cup size
• CROOTA is Lo-Rise style so you may need to order half size bigger if you want to feel snug


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